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(Genesis 5:18)


The following are EXTRACTS from the beautiful BOOK OF ENOCH; despised and hidden by Christian clergy for the last two thousand years; bears wonderful testimony to The Glory of ADONAY YeHVaH Elohiym The Mighty One of Yisrael, Who shared with Enoch His EXCLUSIVE FOREKNOWLEDGE of the whole course of human history from before the time of NOAH right down to the manifestation of "Yeshuwa' Mashiach" followed by the prophesied worldwide "DESTRUCTION" (ABADDON) caused during the Christian "times of the Gentiles" (Enoch 90:17. Luke 21:24) and concluding with this present time when "Heaven and Earth will pass away" (Enoch 90:18. Matthew 24:35).


'Moses'; who would have read the prophecies of the Prophet Chanowkh for himself; testifies that:

"Chanowkh walked with HaElohiym and he was not; for Elohiym took him"

(Genesis 5:18, 22, 24).



The apostle Yehudah ('Jude') quoted directly in 'Jude' 1:14 from the blessed words of "the Prophet Chanowkh":

"And Chanowkh also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these saying: And behold! ADONAY cometh with ten thousands of His saints To execute judgement upon all, And to destroy all the ungodly: And to convict all flesh Of all the works of their ungodliness which they have ungodly committed, And of all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him". (Chanowkh 1:9.  Yehudah ('Jude' 1:14,15).


1. The words of the blessing of Chanowkh, wherewith he blessed the elect and righteous, who will be

2. living in the day of tribulation, when all the wicked and godless are to be removed. And he took up his parable and said --Chanowkh a righteous man, whose eyes were opened by The Mighty One, saw the vision of the Holy One (Psalm 71:22) in the heavens: the angels showed me, and from them I heard everything, and from them I understood as I saw, but not for this generation, but for a remote one which is for to come (Matthew 24:34].

3. Concerning the elect I said, and took up my parable concerning them: The Holy Great One will come forth from His dwelling,

4. And the eternal Elohiym [Hebrew: YEHVAH Elohiyn. Genesis 2:4] will tread upon the Earth, on Mount Sinai and appear in the strength of His might from the heaven of heavens.

5. And all shall be smitten with fear and the Watchers shall quake, And great fear and trembling shall seize them unto the ends of the Earth.

6. And the high mountains shall be shaken, And the high hills shall be made low, and shall melt like wax before the flame

7. And the Earth shall be rent in sunder,and all that is upon the Earth shall perish, And there shall be a judgement upon all.

8. But with the righteous (Psalm 14:5) He shall make peace. And shall protect the chosen (Matthew 10:5. 16:18.  1 John 5:1), and mercy shall be upon them. And they shall all belong to Elohiym (Numbers 27:16.  Psalm 24:10), And they shall be prospered, and they shall be blessed. And light (Genesis 1:3. Isaiah 60:1) shall appear unto them.

9. And behold! He cometh with ten thousands of saints (Deuteronomy 33:2) to execute judgement upon all, and to destroy the ungodly: And to convict all flesh of all the works which they have ungodly committed, and of all the hard things which ungodly sinners [committed] against Him" [Yehudah (Jude) 1:14,15]. 


Important Note:  We read here the wonderful confirmation that our eyes do not deceive us when we daily "observe"; from our position on the Earth; the Biblical Model of The Universe [not the deceiving so called 'Heliocentric' and 'Geocentric' models peddled for money by Christ-ian theologians and writers, some making the Satanic boasts of 'Ph.D in Astronomy' etc] in the movements and appearings and wanings of the "luminaries (sun, moon, stars, comets, constellations etc) being played out for all to see "how they all appear and wane in order each in its season and transgress not against their appointed order" [Enoch 2:1) as is also written in the Hebrew Tanakh: "The sun also appears [Hebrew: zarach] and the sun wanes [Hebrew: baw] and desires [Hebrew: sha'aph] its place where it appears" (Ecclesiastes 1:5) and "He commandeth the sun and it appeareth [Hebrew: zarach] not..." (Job 9:7) etc.

1.  Observe ye everything that takes place in the heaven how they do not change their orbits; the luminaries which are in the heaven how they all appear and wane in order each in its season and transgress not against their appointed order. 

2.  Behold ye the Earth and give heed to the things that take place upon it from first to last, how change all the works of Elohiym appear.

3.   Behold the summer and the winter, how the whole earth is filled with water, and clouds and dew and rain lie upon it.



Concerning SATAN - AZAZEL

[Azazel which is 'jesus christ' and his kingdom 'Christ-ianity']


4. And again ADONAY said unto Raphael: 'Bind Azazel [Leviticus 16:9] hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Dudael, and cast him therein.

5. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks [A vision of John 6:15,16. See this website] and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there forever (A vision of John 20:3.  See this website) and cover his face that he may not see light.

6. And on the day of the great judgement he shall be cast into the fire [Matthew 25:41]. 

7. And heal the earth which his messengers [45,000+ Christian faction maker "demons" (A vision of John 18:2)] have corrupted, and proclaim the healing of the earth, that they may heal the plague, and that all the children of men may not perish through all the secret things ["...the deep things of Satan..." A vision of John 2:24] which the Watchers [Christ-ian demons - Popes; Theologions; Professors; Messianics; 'Rabbi'; Clergy; Religious etc] had disclosed and have taught their sons. 

8. And the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel; to him ascribe all sin. 



1. And there I saw the Ancient of days and his head was white like wool. And with him there was another whose face had the appearance of a man and his face was full of grace like one of the saintly messengers.

2. And I asked one of the saintly messengers, who went with me and showed me all the secrets, about that Son of Man; who he was, and from where he was, and why he accompanied the Ancient of Days.

3. And he answered me, and said to me: "This is the Son of Man who has righteousness and with whom righteousness dwells and who will reveal all the treasures of that which is concealed (Matthew 25:14), for ADONAY of spirits (Numbers 27:16) has chosen him, and through uprightness his lot has surpassed all others, before ADONAY of Spirits, forever"

4. And this Son of Man, who you have seen, will rouse the kings and the powerful (Revelation 18:2) from their resting places, and the strong from their thrones (Revelation 6:15.  See this website), and will loose the reins of the strong, and will break the teeth of the sinners.

5. And he will cast down the kings from their thrones, and from their kingdoms, for they do not exalt Him, and do not praise Him, and do not humbly acknowledge Him from Whom their kingdom was given to them.

6. And he will cast down the faces of the strong and shame will fill them, and darkness will be their dwelling, and worms will be their resting place (Matthew 25:41). And they will have no hope of rising from their resting-places, for they do not exalt the Name of ADONAY of spirits (Numbers 27:16  Nehemiah 9:5  "...YEHVAH exalted...") .

7. And these are they who judge the stars [messengers] of Heaven (Nahum 3:16. Matthew 24:29), and raise their hands against the Most High (Daniel 7:27) and trample upon the Land [of Yisrael. Matthew 24:15. Luke 21:24], and dwell upon it. And all their deeds show idolatry (Matthew 7:23), and their power rests in their riches, and their faith is in their gods that they have made with their hands, and they deny the name of ADONAY of spirits (1 John 2:22).

8. And they expel Him from the houses of His congregation (Exodus 12:3) and of the faithful (Numbers 12:7) who lean on the name of ADONAY of spirits (YEHVAH Tsabaot.  Isaiah 48:2)


1. And in those days, the prayer of the righteous, and the blood of the righteous will have ascended from the Earth in front of ADONAY of spirits.

2. In these days the saints (Deuteronomy 33:2.  Daniel 7:22) who live in Heaven above will unite with one voice, and supplicate, and pray, and praise, and give thanks, and bless the Name of ADONAY of spirits. Because of the blood of the righteous (Psalm 14:5) that has been poured out. And because of the prayer of the righteous (Psalm 14:5), so that it may not cease in front of ADONAY of spirits, so that justice might be done to them, and that their patience may not have to last forever."

3 And in those days, I saw the Ancient of days sit down on the throne of his Glory and the Books of the Living were opened in front of him and all His host; which dwell in the heavens above; and His council were standing in front of Him.

4 And the hearts of the saints (Deuteronomy 33:2.  Daniel 7:22) were full of joy that the number with RIGHTEOUSNESS (Yeremiah 23:6. 33:16. Revelation 7:4) had been reached, and the prayer of the righteous (vs. 2) had been heard, and the blood of the righteous (Psalm 14:5) had been avenged (Revelation 19:2) by ADONAY of spirits.


1. And in that place I saw an inexhaustible spring (Revelation 21:6) of RIGHTEOUSNESS and many springs (John 4:14) of Wisdom (Proverbs 8:22-35.  Matthew 12:42.  Revelation 19:13 (see this website)] surrounded it, and all the thirsty drank from them and were filled with wisdom, and their dwelling was with the righteous (Psalm 14:5. Matthew 13:17) and the saints (Deuteronomy 33:2.  Daniel 7:22) and the chosen (Matthew 10:5. 16:18. 1 John 5:1. Revelation 21:14).

2. And at that hour that Son of Man was named, in the presence of ADONAY of spirits, and his name brought to the Ancient of days [Psalm 72:17. Proverbs 8:22-36].

3. Even before the Sun [Psalm 72:17] and the constellations were created, before the stars of Heaven were made, his name [Yinnon. Psalm 72:17.  See this website] was named before ADONAY of spirits [Psalm 2:7. 72:17. Proverbs 8:22-36. Isaiah 9:5 (6) see this web site]

4. He will be a staff to the righteous (Isaiah 53:11. Psalm 14:5.  Matthew 13:17.  See this website) and the saints (Deuteronomy 33:2.  Daniel 7:22), so that they may lean on him and not fall, and he will be the light of the Gentiles [Isaiah 9:1.  42:4. 60:3], and he will be the hope of those who grieve in their hearts [Matthew 11:28,29]. 

5. All those who dwell upon the Land will fall down and do homage in front of him [Matthew 2:11. See this website], and they will bless, and praise, and celebrate with psalms, the name of ADONAY of spirits (vs. 3).

6. And because of this he was chosen, and hidden in front of Him, before the world was created [Psalm 2:7. 72:17. Proverbs 8:22-36.  Micah 5:1] and forevermore.

7. But the wisdom of ADONAY of spirits has revealed him to the saints and the righteous [Matthew 3:17] for he has kept safe the lot of the righteous [Isaiah 53:11.  See this website], for they have hated and rejected this world of idolatry (Matthew 7:23). And all its works and its ways they have hated in the Name of ADONAY of spirits. For by His name [Yoel 2:32. Acts 2:21 see this website] they are saved and He is the one who will require their lives.

8. And in those days the kings of the Earth, and the strong who possess the dry ground, will have downcast faces because of the works of their hands, for on the day of their distress and trouble they will not save themselves.

9. And I will give them into the hands of my chosen ones (Matthew 10:5. 16:18. 1 John 5:1); like straw in the fire, and like lead in water, so they will burn in front of the righteous (Psalm 14:5.  Matthew 25:41), and sink in front of the righteous, and no trace will be found of them [Matthew 13:41,42.  25:41].

10. And on the day of their trouble there will be rest on the Earth and they will fall down in front of him and will not rise. And there will be no one who will take them with his hands and raise them for they denied ADONAY of spirits and His Messiah [1 John 2:22.  Jude 1:4.  See this website]. May the name of ADONAY of spirits be blessed!

Chapter 49

1. For wisdom has been poured out like water [Yoel 2:28. Acts 2:17,18] and glory will not fail in front of him forever and ever.

2. For He is powerful in all the secrets of righteousness and idolatry will pass away like a shadow, and will have no existence; for the Chosen One stands before ADONAY of spirits and his glory is for ever and ever, and his power for all generations (Matthew 28:18).

3. And in him dwells the spirit of wisdom and the spirit that gives understanding and the spirit of knowledge and of power and the spirit of those who sleep in righteousness [Isaiah 11:2].

4. And he will judge the things that are secret [Matthew 10:26], and no one will be able to say an lying word in front of him, for he has been chosen by ADONAY of spirits, in accordance with His purpose (Isaiah 53:10.  See this website).

Chapter 50

1. And in those days a change will occur for the saints (Deuteronomy 33:2.  Daniel 7:22) and the chosen (Matthew 10:2. 16:18. 1  John 5:1); the light of days (Genesis 1:3. Isaiah 9:1) will rest upon them, and glory and honour will return to the saints ('The Jews'),

2. And on the day of trouble, calamity will be heaped up over the sinners, but the righteous (Psalm 14:5) will conquer in the Name of ADONAY of spirits [Yoel 3:5 (2:32). Acts 2:21 see this website] and he will show this to others so that they might repent (Matthew 4:17,23) and abandon the works of their hands.

3. And they will have no honour (Matthew 10:24,25) before ADONAY of spirits, but in his name they will be saved (Acts 4:12) and ADONAY of spirits will have mercy on them, for His mercy is great.

4. And He is righteous in His judgment, and in front of His glory idolatry will not be able to stand against His Judgment; he who does not repent will be destroyed (Luke 13:3,5).

5. "And from then on I will not have mercy on them" says ADONAY of spirits.

Chapter 51

1. And in those days the Earth will return that which has been entrusted to it, and Sheol will return that which it has received. And Abaddon (Revelation 9:11. 13:1. 18:2) will return what it owes.

2. For in those days the Chosen One will have risen [Daniel 12:1. Matthew 28:6,7].  And He will choose the righteous (Psalm 14:5) and the saints (Deuteronomy 33:2. Daniel 7:22) from among them; for the day has come near when they must be saved.

3. And in those days, the Chosen One will sit on My throne (Matthew 19:28) and all the secrets of Wisdom will flow out from the council of his mouth, for ADONAY of spirits has appointed him and glorified him.

4. And in those days the mountains will leap like rams, and the hills will skip like lambs satisfied with milk, and the faces of the angels in Heaven (Matthew 22:30) will shine with joy

5. And the Land [of Yisrael] will rejoice. And the righteous (Psalm 14:5) will dwell upon it and the chosen (Matthew 10:5.  16:18. 1 John 5:1) will walk upon it .

Chapter 52

1. And after those days, in that place where I had seen all the visions of that which is secret, for I had been carried off by a whirlwind, and they had brought me to the west.

2. There my eyes saw the secrets of Heaven; everything that will occur on Earth: a mountain of iron, and a mountain of copper, and a mountain of silver, and a mountain of gold, and a mountain of soft metal, and a mountain of lead.

3. And I asked the messenger who went with me, saying:"What are these things which I have seen in secret?"

4. And he said to me: "All these things which you have seen serve the authority of His Messiah, so that he may be strong and powerful on the Earth (Matthew 28:18)."

5. And that messenger of peace answered me, saying: "Wait a little and you will see, and everything which is secret, which ADONAY of spirits has established, will be revealed to you.

6. And these mountains, that you have seen; the mountain of iron, and the mountain of copper, and the mountain of silver, and the mountain of gold, and the mountain of soft metal, and the mountain of lead. All these, in front of the Chosen One, will be like wax before fire, and like the water that streams down from above they will be weak under his feet.

7. And it will come to pass in those days, that neither by gold, nor by silver, will men save themselves; they will be unable to save themselves, or to flee.

8. And there will be neither iron for war nor material for a breastplate; bronze will be no use, and tin will count for nothing, and lead will not be wanted.

9. All these will be destroyed from the face of the Earth when the Chosen One appears before ADONAY of spirits (Daniel 7:13)"

Chapter 53

1. And there my eyes saw a deep valley, and its mouths [Christ-ian demons] were open; and all those who dwell upon dry ground and the sea and the islands will bring gifts and presents and offerings to him [jesus christ], but that deep valley will not become full.

2. And their hands commit evil, and everything at which the righteous (Psalm 14:5) toil the sinners evilly devour; and so the sinners will be destroyed from in front of ADONAY of spirits, and will be banished from the face of His Earth, unceasingly for ever and ever (Matthew 25:41).

3. For I saw the messenger of punishment going and preparing all the instruments of Satan.

4. And I asked the messenger of peace (Isaiah 9:5), who went with me, and I said to him: "These instruments - for whom are they preparing them?"

5. And he said to me: "They are preparing these for the kings and the powerful of this Earth (Revelation 18:2), so that by means of them they may be destroyed.

6. And after this the Righteous and Chosen One will cause the house of his congregation (Matthew 16:18) to appear; from then on, in the name [YEHVAH Elohiym] of ADONAY of spirits, they will not be hindered.

7. And before him these mountains will not be firm like the Land [of Yisrael], and the hills will be like a spring of water; and the righteous (Psalm 14:5) will have rest from the ill-treatment of the sinners (Luke 21:24)"

Chapter 54

1. And I looked, and turned to another part of the Earth, and I saw there a deep valley with burning fire (Matthew 25:41).

2. And they brought the kings and powerful (Revelation 6:15) and threw them into that valley [Hebrew: gayhinnom. Matthew 5:30] .

3. And there my eyes saw how they made instruments for them - iron chains of immeasurable weight.

4. And I asked the Messenger of peace, who went with me, saying: "These chain instruments - for whom are they being prepared?"

5. And he said to me: "These are being prepared for the hosts (Revelation 18:2. Christ-ian demons) of Azazel (Leviticus 16:8.  Antiyokus a.k.a jesus christ), so that they may take them, and throw them into the lowest part of hell (Matthew 22:13. 25:41); and they will be overwhewlmed by stones thrown at them (Yehoshua 7:25), as ADONAY of spirits commanded.

6. And Miyka'EL (Daniel 12:1. Revelation 12:7) and Gabriel, Raphael and Phanuel - these will take hold of them on that great day. And throw them, on that day, into the furnace of burning fire (Matthew 13:40,42,50. 25:41), so that ADONAY of spirits may take vengeance on them for their idolatry (Matthew 7:23.  See this website), because they became servants of Satan, and led astray those who dwell upon the land (Matthew 24:11. 25:41.  See this website).


Chapter 62

1. And thus ADONAY commanded the kings, and the mighty and the exalted, and those who dwell upon the Earth, and said: "Open your eyes and raise your horns if you are able to acknowledge the Chosen One."

2. And ADONAY of spirits sat him on his throne of his glory (Matthew 25:31), and the spirit of righteousness was poured out on him, and the word of his mouth (Matthew 25:41-46) kills all the sinners and all the lawless, and they are destroyed in front of him.

3. And on that day, all the kings and the mighty and the exalted, and those who possess the Earth, will stand up and they will see and recognize how he sits on the throne of his glory. And the righteous (Psalm 14:5) are judged in righteousness, in front of him, and no lying word is spoken in front of him.

4. And pain will come upon them as upon a woman in labour, for whom giving birth is difficult when her child enters the mouth of the womb, and she has difficulty giving birth.

5. And one faction of them will look at the other, and they will be terrified, and will cast down their faces, and pain will take hold of them when they see that Son of a woman sitting on the throne of his glory.

6. And the mighty kings, and all those who possess the Earth, will praise and bless and exalt Him who rules everything that is hidden.

7. For from the beginning [Proverbs 8:22,23] that Son of Man was hidden, and the Most High kept him in the presence of His power, and revealed him only to the chosen (Matthew 11:25. 13:11. 1 John 5:1).

8. And the community of the saints (Deuteronomy 33:2.  Daniel 7:22) and the chosen (Matthew 10:5. 16:18. 1 John 5:1. Revelation 21:14) will be sown and all the chosen (Matthew 16:18. 1 John 5:1) will stand before him on that day.

9 And all the mighty kings, and the exalted, and those who rule the dry ground, will fall down before him, on their faces, and worship; and they will set their hopes on that Son of Man, and will entreat him, and will petition for mercy from him [Matthew 7:22].

10. But ADONAY of spirits will then so press them that they will hasten to go out from before him, and their faces will be filled with shame, and the darkness will grow deeper on their faces.

11. And the messengers of punishment will take them so that they may repay them for the wrong that they did to His children and to His chosen ones (Matthew 10:5. 16:18. 1 John 5:1).

12. And they will become a spectacle to the righteous (Psalm 14:5) and to His chosen ones (Matthew 10:5. 16:18. 1 John 5:1. Revelation 21:14); they will rejoice over them, for the wrath of ADONAY of spirits will rest upon them, and the sword of ADONAY of spirits will be drunk with them.

13. And the righteous (Psalm 14:5) and the chosen (Matthew 10:5. 16:18. 1 John 5:1) will be saved on that day and they will never see the faces of the sinners and the lawless from then on.

14. And ADONAY of spirits will remain over them (Revelation 7:15) and with that Son of Man they will dwell, and eat, and lie down, and rise up, forever and ever.

15. And the righteous and chosen will have risen from the Earth, and will have ceased to cast down their faces, and will have put on the garment of Life [Proverbs 8:35].

16. And this will be a garment of Life from ADONAY of spirits; and your garments will not wear out, and your glory will not fail, in front of ADONAY of spirits.

Chapter 63

1.  In those days, the mighty kings who possess the dry ground will entreat the messengers  of His punishment to whom they have been handed over so that they might give them a little respite; and so that they might fall down and worship in front of ADONAY of spirits, and confess their sins in front of Him.

2.  And they will bless and praise ADONAY of spirits, and say: "Blessed be ADONAY of spirits, and ADONAY of kings, ADONAY of the mighty, and ADONAY of the rich, and ADONAY of glory, and ADONAY of wisdom!

3.  You enlighten secret things.

4.  Your power is for all generations, and Your glory is forever and ever.

5.  Deep and without number are all your secrets and your righteousness is beyond reckoning.

6.  Now we realize that we ought to praise and bless ADONAY of kings and the one who is King over all things."

7.  And they also will say: "Would that we might be given a respite, so that we might praise and thank and bless Him, and make our confession in front of His glory. 

8.  And now we long for a respite, but do not find it; we are driven off and do not obtain it; and the light has passed away from before us, and darkness will be our dwelling forever and ever [Matthew 13: 40-42.  25:12]

9.  For we have not made our confession before Him, and we have not praised the name of ADONAY of kings, and we have not praised ADONAY for all His works, but our hopes have been on the sceptre of our kingdom [Antiyokus (a.k.a. jesus christ) Matthew 24:15], and of our glory ['but god forbid that I should glory except in the cross of our lord jesus christ '(Galations 6:14) words of the devil and false apostle 'Paul'].

10. And on the day of our affliction and distress He does not save us, and we find no respite to make our confession that our ADONAY is faithful in all His doings, and in all His judgments and His justice, and that His judgments show no respect for persons.

11. And we pass away from in front of Him because of all our works.

12. And all our sins have been counted exactly.

13. Then they will say to themselves: "Our souls are sated with possessions gained through idolatry" (Matthew 7:23. 25:9. James 4:13. Jude 1:11. Revelation 18:3-13),

14.  But they do not prevent our going down into the flames of the torment of Sheol."

15.  And after this their faces will be filled with darkness and shame, in front of that Son of Man, and they will be driven away from him. And the sword will remain to expel them [Matthew 25:41-46] .

16. And thus says ADONAY of spirits: "This is the Law and the Judgment against the princes, and the kings, and the exalted, and for those who possess the Land (Revelation 6:15), before ADONAY of spirits."

Chapter 68


37. And they had great joy.

38. And they blessed, praised, and exalted, because the name of that Son of Man had been revealed to them.

39. And he sat on the throne of his glory and the principal part of the judgment was given to the Son of Man and he will cause the sinners to pass away and be destroyed from the face of the Earth.

40. And those who led astray the world [Matthew 24:11.  Revelation 18:2] will be bound in chains [Matthew 13:30] and will be shut up in the assembly-place of their destruction [Matthew 25:41], and all their works will pass away from the face of the earth.

41. And from then on there will be nothing corruptible. For that Son of Man has appeared, and has sat on the throne of his glory [Matthew 25:31], and everything evil will pass away and go from in front of him; and the word of that Son of Man will be strong in front of ADONAY of spirits.

Chapter 69

1.  After this the name of the Son of Man, living with ADONAY of spirits, was exalted by the inhabitants of the earth.


Chapter 90

13.  I saw too that a large horn [authority: Matthew 28:18] sprouted out of a Ram (Yeshuwa' Mashiyach.  Genesis 22:13. Ezra 10:19. Revelation 1:7,10,14. 7:10,14) amongst the sheep [The Jews] and that their eyes were opened (Matthew 13:16).

14.  He looked upon them.  Their eyes were wide open (Matthew 13:16); and he cried out to them. (Matthew 4:17,23).

15.  Then the wild goat (Antiyokus a.k.a. jesus christ.  Matthew 24:15. Acts 22:8) saw him [the Ram] and all of those who followed him (Matthew 16:24.  Acts 2:41,47.  6:1,7.  15:7.  21:20.  Revelation 7:4).

16.  And all the eagles and vultures and ravens and kites [Christ-ian false apostles, prophets and Pauline appointed popes, patriarchs, moderators, rabbi, professors, teachers, clergy, religious, messianics, theologians, dealers and corrupters of the Tanakh and their supporters etc] were gathered together (Revelation 18:2. 19:19) and they were in agreement (Revelation 17:13) that they should break the horn [authority] of the Ram (1 John 2:22.  Revelation 17:14).  They were carrying off the sheep (Acts 9:1,2), flying down upon them and devouring them (Matthew 23:29,30. See this website.  'Luke' 21:24).  The sheep were silent but the rams (twelve apostles) lamented and cried out (Revelation 6:10).

17.  Then the ravens [false 'apostles' Revelation 2:2] contended and struggled with them [the twelve apostles]. Those among them wished to break the horns [authorities.  Matthew 10:1] of the rams but they prevailed not [Matthew 16:18].

18. And I saw that man, who wrote the book according to the command of ADONAY, till he opened that book, before the Master of the sheep, concerning the destruction [See this website documents 'False apostle Paul' and 'The beast and his mark'] which those twelve last shepherds [SATAN'S apostles, prophets, bishops, deacons, evangelists, teachers, pastors (priests), religious, fathers (popes), workers of miracles, speakers in unknown languages, and assistants (supporters) (Acts 13:43. Romans 13:15.  Eph 4:11. Phil. 1:1. 1 Corinthians 4:15)] had wrought, and showed that they had destroyed much more than their predecessors.

19.  I looked until I saw that a great sword (Matthew 22:13. 23:13. 25:41. Revelation 1:16) was given to the sheep [The Jews and the twelve apostles and disciples of Yeshuwa' Mashiyach. Matthew 25:31] and the sheep proceeded against all the beasts (James 3:15.  Jude 19.  Revelation 18:2) of the field to slay them, and all the beasts and the birds of the air (Matthew 13:4,19,32.  Revelation 18:2) fled before them. 

20.   And I saw till the Master of the sheep came unto them and took in His hand the staff of His wrath, and smote the earth [Psalm 2:9], and the earth split asunder, and all the beasts [James 3:15.  Jude 19.  Revelation 18:2] and all the birds of the air [Matthew 13:4,19,32.  Revelation 18:2] fell from among those sheep, and were swallowed up in the earth and it covered them. [Matthew 22:13.  25:41].

21. And I saw a throne erected in a delectable land. Upon this sat the Master (Acts 2:36) of the sheep (Matthew 25:31), who received all the sealed books,

22.  which were open before him (Revelation 20:12)...


[The last three sevens] 

[See prophet Daniel this website]

12.  And after that there shall be another, the eighth seven, that of righteousness. And a sword shall be given to it that a righteous judgment may be executed on the oppressors.  And sinners shall be delivered into the hands of the Righteous. 

13.  And after that they shall acquire houses through their righteousness.  And a house shall be built for the great King in glory for evermore (Matthew 16:18).

14d. and all mankind shall look to the path of uprighness

14a. And after that, in the ninth seven, the righteous judgment shall be revealed to the whole world.

14b.  And all the works of the ungodly shall vanish from all the earth. 

14c.  And the world shall be written down for destruction.

15.    And after this in the tenth seven in the seventh part, there shall be a great everlasting  judgment in which he will execute vengeance amongst the messengers (Matthew 25:41.  See this website).

16.  And the first heaven shall depart and pass away (Matthew 24:35), and a new heaven shall appear, and all the powers of the heavens shall give sevenfold light.

17.  And after that there will be many sevens without number for ever, and it shall be in goodness and righteousness, and sin shall no more be mentioned forever.




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